ODI Lock-On Fork Bumper for Fox Racing Shox 40 | 40 mm

Code: 89944100

The Odi rubber bumpers effectively protect your frame from knocks on the fork tubes. The Lock-On Fork Bumper is designed to replace the standard rubber bumpers, which can slip frequently and endanger your fork and frame. Thanks to the lock-on clamp, the bumper stays at the set height and does its job confidently. The clever design eliminates the need to dismantle the upper bridge and the clamp can be easily installed on the fork tube.
The bumper pads are interchangeable.


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Technical specifications:

Material: nylon, thermoplastic rubber compound
Diameter: 40 mm
Compatibility: Fox 40
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: not specified
Weight weighed: 34g

Scope of delivery:
2x ODI lock-on clamps for Fox Racing Shox 40 | 40 mm
2x ODI rubber straps