Easy Clean 500 ml Καθαριστικό αλυσίδας Motorex

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Καθαριστικό αλυσίδος σε μορφή spray.

Συσκευασία :  500ml


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Easy Clean is a chain and parts degreaser that is aggressive on grease and dirt, yet safe on components and finishes. It is available as an aerosol spray or a liquid. It effectively cleans the chain, cogs, and components. Its base solvent is safe on the internal chain rollers and pins and also derailers, shifters, cables, bearings, etc… A unique feature is that its solvent base is compatible with the MOTOREX lubes — so you can lube the chain right after degreasing. Most degreasers or general solvents need to dry completely before you lube because they will degrade the lubes. It is also biodegradable.500ml